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Tequila Doña Engracia

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Tequila – The Nectar of the Gods, King’s & Priest Favorite Beverage! Once you learn the story of delighting Doña Engracia Tequila & flavors, you will understand why we say this. Let us guide you into the Facility to experience the different steps for Tequila preparation; Jima (Harvest), Cooking, Molienda, Fermentation & double Distillation. Our professional Tequila Staff will share with you different tasting techniques to recognize a Good Tequila from the rest, making this to you a unique & unforgettable experience. Salud!

Hacienda Doña Engracia

Just 20 minutes from beautiful Puerto Vallarta, where you will live the best moments of your vacation! Between fun and rich Mexican dishes with freshly made tortillas.

Legendary Made

Legend of the Agave and Tequila

The Aztecs believed that when the earth began there was a goddess in the sky. She was called Tzintzimitl, but she was an evil goddess, and she devoured light. She had the earth in darkness and forced the natives to do human sacrifices in order to give them a little light.


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